Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everything Tells A Story

One of the most important things I learned over the summer was that everything tells a story, every object, every texture. In Brother, I definitely wanted to capture not only the personality of my character, but also the objects around him. I want to tell a story within a story, and even if Brother didn't have animation, my environment could speak for itself. This scene is about half way done, no lights, no shaders yet. As I'm modeling, I am constantly thinking about my story and my main character. How did he build these things? Did he put time into his creations? Does he care for them at all? How old are they? What are their own personal stories? And the list goes on. Things are very broken in Brother's room. I like the concept of him hiding beauty, which was one (there are many haha) theme in this short. The environment I have here is anything but "mechanically built to perfection" and I love that, given the piece is so...mechanical.

making progress


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