Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moleskine Illustrations

I don't draw very often anymore, but here are some illustrations..


Thesis Research and Things

Two days into my junior year, we are already expected to have concept and basic character designs, and basic story for thesis by next week. Diving into thesis so quickly makes me both nervous and excited. I knew what I wanted to do for my senior thesis since last semester, my sophomore year. I WANT to do that story that's been in my head, and I HOPE to be able to use a live action main character with a complete CG environment and props. Now, how possible is this for a student? We'll have to find out. Plus, just because I think I want to do this story doesn't mean it will actually happen. It's going to be a long second half of college, as I am now dedicating everything I know into a 1-5 minute short animated film. It all begins with ideas and concept designs, which I will draw up this week.