Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to School/Thesis is Production

Well, being at Pixar for the summer exceeded my expectations. It was probably the most incredible summer of my life. I love computer art even more now, which I didn't think was possible. I met the most amazing people, and I am so grateful that I was apart of PUPs 2011 =]. As for school, it's my senior year. Brother is now exiting the pre-pro phase and entering production. This is it! A new story, new previz(which is currently rendering) and new character. There's just something about being able to develop a character from concept to the final rig/animation. Seeing Brother(the name of the character) on screen when my film is finished will be an awesome experience. I'm excited, but nervous to really get into the work. There are only about 190 days left until the due date of thesis, but that is pretty much zero time. Looks like I will have to bust my ass this year.

Brother's base rig/with no pants on