Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break WOOOO .. and other good things.

Well, it's Spring Break of my junior year. It's weird to think that I have one more year of college left. Time flies. It was only about a year and a half ago that I really started learning about Maya and computer arts in general. And, now I'm applying to an internship at Pixar... what?? (My dad fedexed stuff today, and I hope that they take overnight packages/ I'm very paranoid about this whole process). I feel so incredibly lucky that I found something I'm passionate about, career wise. I can't even explain my love for computer art lol. It's strange to think that I started at SVA as an illustration major, and randomly switched my major after one week. Especially being very indecisive, I can't believe I made such a spontaneous decision. But, it was one of the best, most important decisions I have ever made. (Kudos to 17 year old Sari). So, I guess as a junior working on primarily my own thesis project I am extremely happy where I am right now. It feels good to work on what you love, and not consider it work. In any case, I made a model today based on my friend's logo as a DJ. She goes by the name Bearbot, and she's awesome.


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